RoarTheme Extensions

What is a RoarTheme Extension?

If you are using Shopify templates of RoarTheme, there are always useful features included. We called it Extensions. This article is about all of extensions available in RoarTheme's Shopify templates

Which Extensions are available in my templates?

Quick View Popup External Buy Button Product Videos Trust Sale Badge Product Compare Product Instagram Quick CTA Bar Product Countdown Custom Tabs
Naturix YES
Organie YES
Material YES YES*
Fashion YES YES*
Queen YES YES*
QuickShop YES

* Video is displayed in a tab

Quick View

The Quick View allows us to see a bit more information about the product page without leaving our current path. This functionality has a been a common practice on e-commerce sites for quite a while. In fact, all of our templates are using Quick View function

Quick View is hard-integrated into our themes. So you don't have to make any configuration for it.

Quick View Quick View

Example of Quick View

External Buy Button

What is External Buy Button?

If your product has another sale channel, for example, sold via Amazon, you can put a button to redirect your shoppers to that channel.

External Buy Button

Example of External Buy Button (*)

Setting up External Buy Button

To setup the external buy button for a specific product, please use our Metafields Manager App and add 2 values as below:

Namespace Key Value
info external_btn Your button text
info external_link Your button link

(*) According to the sample above, the specific values should be:

Namespace Key Value
info external_btn BUY VIA AMAZON
info external_link

Product Videos

What is Product Videos

In product page, you can add videos in both 2 ways:

  • Featured YouTube/Vimeo Video:

Product Video

  • Video for any product's images:

Product Video

If you are using Material, Fashion or Queen template, the video will be displayed in a tab only, like this:

Product Video

To setup a featured video for a specific product, please use our Metafields Manager App and add a value as below:

Namespace Key Value
info video Your YouTube/Vimeo Video Link (*)

(*) For example,

Attach video in an image of product

  1. In your store admin, go to the product you like, then navigate to the images section Product Video
  2. Copy your embed code from your video source (like YouTube, Vimeo...)
  3. Click the ALT of the image you want to attach the video then paste the embed code Product Video Product Video

Setting up product video tab

This is only supported in Material, Fashion or Queen template

Do the same as attach video in an image, but for the featured image ONLY Product Video

Trust Sale Badge

What is Trust Sale Badge?

This helps you to build confidence among your shopper by displaying payment processors’ badges

Trust Sale Badge

Adding Trust Sale Badge for a product

  • Prepare your own image, like this: Trust Sale Badge

  • Upload the image into Files section and copy the file name: Trust Sale Badge Trust Sale Badge

  • Use our Metafields Manager App and add a value for the product:

Namespace Key Value
info trust_sale_img The file name you just copied

Product Compare


This feature allows you to quick and easy compare between each product's features and characteristics. Product Compare Product Compare

Setting up Product Compare

  • In theme settings, go to General settings > Product Compare Product Compare

    In some themes, the Product Compare may visible within General settings > Extensions

  • In the settings, you can toggle the function, choose what properties of products will be displayed, and the limit of the products in the Compare Table Product Compare
  • Within your Pages in admin, create a Page and title it Compare. Please remember to set its template as Type the options you like to be displayed in Compare Table, separate each one by a comma Product Compare Product Compare

Product Instagram


If you want to display a certain Instagram Feed for a certain product, you're in the right place

Setting up an Instagram Feed for a product

  • In your store admin, go to the product you like to make changes
  • Use our Metafields Manager App and add values for the product:
Namespace Key Value
info instagram_token Your Instagram Access Token
info instagram_btn Button text
info instagram_limit Limit of images

Quick Shopping Bar


This feature displays a fixed call-to-action bar of all product's variant, to help you boost up sales. Quick Shopping Bar

Setting up the Quick Shopping Bar

This feature is enabled in our themes already so you don't have to make any changes.

Product Countdown


You can add a countdown for a certain product (the countdown is displayed in both collection page and product detail page) like this:

Product Countdown

Setting up the countdown

To add the countdown, these 2 conditions must be met:

Namespace Key Value
info countdown A date value with format mm-dd-yyyy.
For example, if I want to set the countdown to July 23, 2019, the value should be 07-23-2019

Product Custom Tabs


This feature allows you to put up to 4 custom tabs (*) in your product page. These tabs will be visible in all product pages with the same content when enabled.

Product Custom Tabs

(*) The tabs quantity may vary based on the theme.

Setting up the tabs

In your theme general settings, go to Product Settings, then navigate to Product Tabs

Product Custom Tabs

Here you can set the title and the content from page for each tab